Pharmaceutical Health Care Society for healthcare programmes

Pharmaceutical Health Care Society (PHCS) is a registered society in Jaipur which has been working in health care area with a number of aims and objectives for the welfare of masses and betterment of pharmacy profession. The primary aim of the society is to make people aware about the pharmacy profession and role of pharmacist in providing pharmaceutical care in order to achieve social recognition in the society.

pharmaceutical health care society

The society has been engaged in conducting health camps individually and in collaboration with Lions club Jaipur plus. The society provides information to patients about the correct use of drugs, drug interactions, time of administration, contraindications, self medication and adverse side effects as well. Patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes, arthritis are taken care of on priority basis.

The society has also taken up projects in rural area also. Awareness about health hazards like consumption of gutkas, smoking is being communicated to people. Rural people are educated about family planning and methods to be taken about personal hygiene and cleansing of water and other health issues. The society has also conducted guest lectures on health issues in schools as well.

Here the society has focussed on hazards of HIV and its protection. Apart from above issues, the society works hand to hand with lions club in projects like distribution of clothes, food to the hungry and many more as social service to the mankind. The society also conducted tree plantation activity in order to protect environment as well.

The society looks forward to organise blood donation camp, career counselling and placement activities as well. In times to come people have lot of expectations from this society In terms of health awareness and other social issues which would justify the significant role of pharmacist in the society. This society believes in spreading and implementing the message, medicine through pharmacist.

Written by:

Prof Chandra Shekhar Bhan
Pharmaceutical Health Care Society

Pharmaceutical Health Care Society for healthcare programmes