Health affecting food combinations

Someone has rightly said that there is no life without food. Food lovers, nutritionists and food technologists should bear in mind that eating the right food combination is highly important for nutrition point of view. In our day to life unknowingly so many foods are taken in combination on routine basis without understanding its pros and cons.

health affecting food combinations

The following food combinations should be avoided:

Milk and Tea - This combination should be avoided because the beneficial antioxidants present in tea combine with ingredients of milk, especially calcium, which reduces the effects of antioxidants.

Curd and Lentils - This combination reduces the protein value of lentils.

Tea and Egg/Omelette - This combination is often enjoyed by people, sipping tea and tasting omelette. The protein value of egg happens to for a complex with tea ingredients which reduces the protein value of egg.

Milk and Fruits - This combination comprise shakes like banana shake or papaya shake etc. These combinations are considered heavy to digest; the nutritive value of milk is not available for absorption, especially calcium. It is advisable to take milk alone.

Bread and jam - This combination is also enjoyed by people. It enhances blood sugar levels instantly.

Cheese and Omelette - The protein value of this food combination is too high to digest and should be avoided.

Egg and Lentils - Some people prepare egg and dal together. This combination becomes rich in oxalate, which is not good for kidney health.

Cheese and Spinach - This preparation is enjoyed by so many people and is a favourite among vegetarian people. This combination is rich in oxalates which is not advisable for good kidney health.

Alcohol and Caffeine - Caution should be taken not to encourage this combination. As alcohol is central nervous system depressant and caffeine in stimulant.

Tomato and Starch - Any such combination such as pasta, chow mein, macaroni or other fast foods which seem to be quite mouth watering should be discouraged. The acidic content in tomatoes destroys the carbohydrate present in pasta. This amounts to digestion issues.

Beans and Cheese - Such type of combination leads to belching, gas and flatulence in the stomach.

Yogurt and Fruits - Such a mouth watering combination is not advisable, it may produce cold and allergies in people. The yogurt is rich in bacteria which destroys the sugary content of fruits.

Meat and Milk - A food combination rich in carbohydrates and protein should be always avoided. It may otherwise cause gas, flatulence, bloating and other gastric issues.

Juice and Food - juice or water should not to be taken after meals, this would dilute the enzymes which are working fast to digest our food at body temperature. Water dilutes these enzymes and effects our digestion.

Ice cream and Food - Some many people often enjoy ice cream, custard and other cold deserts after food. The enzymes are working at peak in our body at body temperature. Cold article reduce the body temperature in the stomach which reduces the efficiency of enzymes. This can lead to digestion issues and this habit should not be encouraged.

Coffee and Tea after Food - This is often observed that people sip coffee or hot beverages after food. Coffee hinders the absorption of food.

We must pay our attention while taking food to ensure its usefulness and harmfulness and educate everyone in the society for effects of food combinations.

Written by:

professor c s bhan

Chandra Shekhar Bhan
(Pharmacy Academician)

Health affecting food combinations