Classroom designing for technical institutes

When AICTE came into existence it laid emphasis on norms and standards for technical institutions offering professional and technical courses like Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Computer applications, Hotel management etc. One such binding is that these institutions need to have their own building with proper infrastructure as per norms laid down by AICTE.

classroom designing for technical institutes

It is noticed that in schools or other academic institutions, proper designing of class room is not taken so seriously. Class room is the heart of any academic institution imparting any course of study. Class room specifications should meet proper size of 500 sq feet in order to accommodate 60 students.

I think not only the size, classroom designing should be an important consideration because it is the internal space that is the seat of learning in any academic institution. A well designed space for classroom provides students to discourse encourage activity and improve communication and compatible environment for learning.

The main aspects to be kept in mind while designing classroom should be the following:

•Shape - A proper width and breadth is required for a classroom. Preferably, rectangular or squares shape is preferred.

•Ventilation - Proper ventilation make the student and teacher both comfortable, otherwise suffocation would reduce the efficiency of both student and teacher.

•Natural lighting - It improves student performance and makes him feel connected with natural world.

•Colour/paint - A proper colour enhances visibility in the room as compared to dark paint or colour, a feeling of positivity in the classroom is required.

•Flexible learning space - We must shift our old concept from standard classroom design to more flexible one for better attention and eye contact with students.

•Furniture - Two students can sit together in order to avoid crowding and furniture should be such to provide rapid reopening for group discussion or to make students sit in any configuration or any other activity. Preferably, steel furniture should be used. Chairs should have a storage bag also.

•Wireless technology - LCD Projectors, laptops are the need of the hour these days and are a replacement for traditional chalk and talk method.

•Audio visual aids - These  provides better display for minute understanding of the topic.

•Black board/white board - The black board should be displayed on the full wall so that every student can have an eye on it and should have pin up facility also.

•Single door entry - Two door entries would not provide better control for the teacher in the classroom.

•Class room not in basement - Classroom should not be there in basement on account of improper lighting, ventilation and other arrangements.

•Proper indoor connectivity - Classrooms need an indoor connectivity also for better communication and working environment. Preferably, classroom area should be as separate wing in the building.

•Teaching stations - Teaching stations for teacher should be connected with laptops or LCD.

•Electrical points - All electrical points should be accessible for teaching stations.

•Floor - Floor should be smooth enough for rearranging of furniture for various activities like group discussions.

Lastly, it has been observed that properly well designed class room as discussed above would definitely improve academic performance, efficiency of both students and faculty members as compared to standard classroom design.

Written by:

cs bhan

Chandra Shekhar Bhan
(Pharmacy Academician)

Classroom designing for technical institutes