Ball tampering saga in gentleman game

The Gentleman's game has not been so gentle since last 2-3 weeks as on the field controversies continue to grow and it also disrespected the belief of fans around the world. Honestly, the game who claims to have "Greatest Game" in the world tag is gradually questioning the Spirit of the Game too.

ball tampering saga

It includes the Warner-Decock issue, Rabada's send off, Shakib's anger to umpires and last but not least the recently happened Ball Tampering Saga or 'Sandpaper Gate' including the two of the best batsman in the world i.e; Steve Smith & David Warner along with Cameron Bancroft too.

All of them admitted it and because of this whole cricket world is criticizing them. Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull had his say as well and termed it as "unacceptable" and put up questions over their pride 'Baggy Green' (Australian Cricket Cap and Pride Honour) which is a special thing for the Australian Nation. The PM also linked it with the Nationality and Integrity of the Australia and due to its consequences the duo had to step down from the captaincy and also handed a cricketing ban of 12 months along with 100 hours of community service.

All reactions and sympathies are pouring from all over the world as Smith broke down at the Press Conference as he had taken the responsibility of the whole issue as a captain, but in case of David Warner it is not because he is supposed to be the so-called Chief-Culprit in this drama. The judgmental behaviour of World media also affected the same as First, they wanted 'Life-Ban' for both of them and when both of them broke down they term the ban "too harsh".

Ball tampering isn't new to cricket, in the past many cricketers have done the same and all had been punished. Many of us are asking the same question that why is there a lot of drama around it because Smith said it as "Pre-Mediated" move as well as a "Leadership Group Decision" and admitted the same.

So what we have a result, Cricket Australia condemned it strongly and seems that they want to send a message across the world. Well, this move will affect the Global Cricket for sure and we are going to miss 'Bradmanesque' Steve Smith (considered next to Sir Don Bradman) and familiar David Warner for next one year.

Hope things will get soon.

Ball tampering saga in gentleman game