EXIT examination for medical students

The latest decision by health ministry to amend Medical Council Act and preparation of draft to make medicos to qualify an exit exam in order to practice after passing MBBS. This very decision is no doubt under process and is open for suggestions and discussion in the country. I think this very decision does not make any sense and is unattractive for the medical profession.

exit examination for medical students

After rigorous training of 4.5 years in medical college and going through one year of internship is enough to qualify as doctor for medical practice. The exit exam as proposed by the ministry would discourage students to take up medical as career and keeping into account the scarcity of doctors in the country. This decision is not in the interests of students, parents and profession as whole.

The ministry should review the statistical data regarding the availability of doctors per lakh population. I think it is 80 doctors per one lakh population as compared to china which has 130. The condition in rural area is would make their condition still worse by this decision. This would make a thirteen year programme of study for a medical student including post graduation to qualify as a doctor.

No doubt, the ministry is concerned about the quality of medical profession as a whole, it would be better if facilities like infrastructure, faculty and other parameters are strictly monitored by Medical Council of India especially in institutions which do not deliver the goods properly and do not produce knowledgeable medical students.

Since 2010, there are reports about the poor standards and medical college have been accused of cheating, rigging etc. Medical colleges need to be monitored strictly and not the students. I am of this opinion that medicos should be permitted to practice after going through internship as before.

However, in order to keep them updated, a quality test may be conducted the way it is in states which would definitely keep doctors updated. It would be better to improve the curriculum and give medical students the best possible exposure during the course of study in the medical college in terms of best faculty, hospital and OPD services.

In case a medico would qualify the exit examination, what is the surety that he would prove to be the best doctor? I think, medical acuity would not be decided on the basis of one single test. It is the rigorous training during his course of study by best possible experts to produce capable doctors in the country. The health ministry should reconsider its decision.

Written by:

cs bhan

Chandra Shekhar Bhan
(Pharmacy Academician)

EXIT examination for medical students